6th Annual Hot Rods n' Hillbillies

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


hotrods and hillbillies will be totally free this year! free camping! free admission! free vendor and swap meet space! and FREE REGISTRATION! that's right. enter your car or bike totally free!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Silver City Shakedown

Sometimes driving a 70-year-old car can be transcendent joy, where all you care about is the rumble and the perfume of hot metal. Then there are other times where you tense and listen to every rattle, expecting to be stranded on the side of the road at any minute. The run to the second annual Silver City Shakedown started as the latter, with an idle problem. Once that was sorted, it was a great blast through back roads for half the trip to Meriden for the East Coast Nomads.

The Shakedown really has become the kickoff to the season around here. It is a chance to dust off some cobwebs and can even be the maiden voyage for some new builds. Th Others CC members are strict about the rules for this traditional-only pre-65 show, so the quality of cars that attend is really high. This is definitely one of those shows where our cars are not the nicest there.

Blue satin panty dropper

 This was the debut of "The Gherkin"

 It is nice on the inside too

And it has a fancy suspension setup

My favorite of the show was this survivor truck

Some more pics from someone else

-Gravel Draggers East Coast Nomads