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Monday, July 23, 2012

Long-Distance Relationship Triumph - Part 1

I picked up this survivor 1969 Triumph Tiger Chopper a few months ago from a buddy. He needed cash to re-start his sign/pinstriping business, and I had some extra cash.

This is how it was when I bought it:

It had been sitting for a long time, and had lots of dust, rust and flaking chrome.

My first plan was to get it running. With a lot of help & advice from Bucko, I moved forward with a plan to re-do the entire electrical system with new points, a dual-output coil (I got from Scott), a sparx regulator/rectifier, battery & key switch.

After re-wiring it, I replaced all the fluids, rebuilt the carb & checked the tank. It was rusted out, so I traded it with Nick for a cool deep-tunnel wassel Japanese re-pop that sits really nice & low on the bike.

Eventually I got it started, and got it running better with more help from Bucko & Scott. I fixed the rear brakes and checked the bearings.

I just got it to stop and go well enough to go around the block, so phase 1 is complete.

As chopper glory as it may be, the front end is not really my style, so that will be phase 2. It came with a 70's triumph front end and a tapered bearing conversion kit. I already rebuilt the new forks, and checked the brakes and bearings on the new front end, so that will go on soon. Then it will be adding a nicer set of short Z bars I got from Scott, and cleaning up the controls a bit, and getting a headlight for it.

Phase 3 will be working on the back half. I got a really nice solo seat and P-Pad set from Dave, and I need to get a fender with more class than just the flat fender that is on it, and make a sissy bar to match the seat & fender, and also mount a tail light I got from Scott.

It is also running a 5" rear tire, which is too wide for the chain, so the wheel is laced off-center to clear it (a comon Triumph chopper curse), so I'll run a skinnier tire and true the wheel to center it in the frame.

Phase 4 will be cleaning & painting & figuring out what to do with all the flaking chrome parts.

My favorite part about this project is that it is keeping me connected to the Indiana Draggers. There is no way I would have a chance with this thing without their expertise and parts stashes. Long-distance relationships aren't supposed to work, but bromance is deeper than romance.

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